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The loss of a loved one can be devastating. Sometimes it might feel like you’re isolated on this island while others around you are able to continue on with their lives. It’s important to know that you are not alone. Joining a grief group can be beneficial to your healing process and can allow you to connect with others going through a similar experience. Groups are also a valuable resource if the cost of individual therapy is out of reach or if your needs aren’t being met solely from individual therapy.

3 Skills To Learn

Coping With Grief


Gain insight into and explore your thoughts & feelings related to grief. A group setting is a safe space to tell your story, express your feelings, and know that others will be supportive and non-judgmental. You will also learn that there is no right or wrong way to grieve. 


Learn & practice healthy ways to navigate and process your grief. A grief group is a place for learning new coping and grief survival skills that the therapist and other group members have found effective. You will also gain insight into your needs during this time and how to manage these on a daily basis.


Honor and continue the bond with your loved ones. Finding ways to stay connected with your loved one as you move through life can be a helpful way to cope with grief. In a grief group, you’ll discover methods to continue the bond that feel accessible and true to you.


Grief Can Be...

From my own experience with grief, I know that it isn’t something that you simply “get through.” Grief is with you for life. It doesn’t go away but simply changes shape over time.

I was about to leave for college when I lost a close friend and I didn’t have the tools to navigate or process it. Without processing it, my grief didn’t lessen, and I stuffed it away. Once I started seeing a therapist, I slowly began to unpacking and processing my grief – as well as all of the tough emotions associated. This experience eventually led me to grief counseling with both individuals and groups. This taught me how deep and fulfilling grief work can be. 

Through my personal experience, specialized training in grief counseling, and (most importantly) learning from my clients, I’ve learned invaluable insights into the nuances of grief as well as effective coping skills that I would love to share with you. 

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Benefits of a Grief Group:

  • Safe & non-judgmental space to express and process your grief experience.
  • Connect and gain support from others who are also grieving.
  • Gain insight into your own grief experience as well as debunk grief-related myths & misconceptions.
  • Normalization of your feelings, thoughts, and reactions related to grief.
  • Learn from others who are processing and navigating their own grief.
  • Gain helpful resources related to grief such as articles, poems, and book recommendations.
  • Learn & practice healthy ways to cope with grief including expressive arts, stress management, and relaxation techniques.
  • After completion of the 6-week group, I encourage interested members to exchange contact information if they wish to stay connected following the group.


Group members will benefit the most if they are able to attend all 6 sessions of the group cycle. This allows for consistency of group dynamics and efficacy of the treatment provided. Missing one session may happen naturally, but if you are likely to miss more than one group, please let me know ahead of time and we can schedule you for the next group cycle.

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It’s absolutely possible to feel better. If you’re ready to learn healthy coping skills, manage your emotions, and improve your relationships then I would be honored to help guide you through this process!

For those that want to make progress quicker, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) sessions are the way to go. If this is a technique you would be interested in, I would love to speak to you further. Request a free 15-min consultation.

It’s absolutely possible to feel better. If you are ready to learn healthy coping skills, manage your emotions, and improve your relationships, I would be honored to help guide you through this process.

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