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Grief, Loss & Breakups

Grief and loss of a loved one or from a breakup of a close relationship can be devastating. I specialize in helping those of all ages experiencing this to work through these difficult emotions and start healing.


Grief & Loss

When grieving the loss of a loved one, you may feel like just making it through each day is a win. Initially, many experience a breadth of support from friends and family upfront but over time, those check-ins tend to dwindle and you’re expected to go back to your “normal programming.” You can attempt to go about your day but the waves of grief creep up, making it feel like you’re re-experiencing the loss all over again. 

Seeing others go on with their lives as if nothing happened can feel cruel and confusing when your world has completely changed. You’re left with these deep feelings, which can feel lonely and isolating. The only people who can fully understand are those who have also experienced a loss – it’s like you’ve joined this horrible club against your will.


There are different forms of grief as well – it can even present when anticipating someone’s death, depending on their medical condition and functioning level. We know this as anticipatory grief. Grief can also occur when someone is still very much alive but is simply no longer in your life anymore due to relational stressors. This form is called ambiguous grief. Less recognized forms of grief are often referred to as disenfranchised grief. This can include the loss of a pet, an ex-partner, an abuser, or the loss of someone to suicide.


 Grief symptoms can present as physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual, social, and/or behavioral. Questioning your own mortality and concerns for the mortality of your loved ones is also common after facing a loss. 

Your process of grief can be influenced by:

  • your relationship to the person 
  • past grief experiences
  • your support system
  • trauma related to the loss
  • life changes occurring due to the loss
  • how society viewed your relationship if the loss was recognized by society
  • the “social acceptability” of the cause of death. 

Online grief therapy can include psycho-education/normalization of grief symptoms, processing the loss, managing grief symptoms, reminiscing about your loved one, and continuing to nurture the bond with them.


Breakups, Separation & Divorce

Ending a relationship is a loss of its own and managing that transition can be overwhelming. Wrapping your head around the current changes and those to come can seem nearly impossible to manage on your own.

After the ending of a relationship, you might feel shock, anger, deep sadness, decreased self-esteem, and a longing for the ex-partner, as well as grief for the relationship that once was. It’s common to even fluctuate between positive and negative feelings related to this change.

If you’re going through the separation or divorce process, you may face the additional stressors of navigating communication with your ex-partner, difficulties in adjusting to a co-parenting process, financial concerns, and changes in other relationships, including those with your in-laws and mutual friends.

These feelings and this experience are temporary. With online therapy, we can work on ways to enhance communication, process past relational traumas, manage related stressors, improve self-esteem, and find yourself again.

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It’s absolutely possible to feel better. If you are ready to learn healthy coping skills, manage your emotions, and improve your relationships, I would be honored to help guide you through this process.

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